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Ship, Yacht & Cargo Surveyors

Our team of in-house ship, yacht and cargo surveyors consists of highly competent and accredited individuals who have been involved with marine surveys for over 20 years and have carried out surveys throughout the world including Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. They have an extensive experience that stretches from sea to shore and are ready to assist with all technical requirements related to marine and cargo surveys within a short notice.


The International Group of P&I Clubs and prominent underwriters, flag state administrations, shipowners and yacht owners have acknowledged that the surveys performed by our surveyors meet the strictest standards in the marine industry.

Testament to this is the fact that the company is among four non-classification societies in the world to be approved for the inspection of reefer vessels along with prestigious IACS member societies such as DNV GL, Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas and ClassNK.

ultrasonic test cyprus

Chief Marine Surveyor of the company performing a survey in Limassol, Cyprus

Types of Surveys, Inspections & Audits


The following list represents some of the surveys, inspections and audits that the company performs in Cyprus, Montenegro and beyond:

*   P&I pre-entry surveys

*   P&I condition surveys

*   Loss prevention surveys

*   Hull and machinery surveys

*   Ultrasonic hatch cover tests

*   Marine warranty surveys

*   Cargo damage surveys

*   Project and heavy cargo surveys

*   Pre-loading surveys

*   Lashing and securing surveys

*   Cargo discharge surveys

*   Cargo tally surveys

*   Container surveys

*   Port, harbour and terminal surveys  

*   Warehouse and handling surveys

*   On hire / off hire surveys

*   Bunker surveys

*   Draft surveys

*   Towage surveys

*   Pollution surveys

*   Pre-purchase surveys

*   Vessel evaluation and estimation

*   Yacht surveys

*   Hull and fittings moisture tests

*   Flag state inspections

*   ISM audit

*   ISPS audit

*   MLC audit

Survey Reporting


Our impartial survey reports consist of actual findings at the time of survey and are accompanied with test reports (if applicable), and electronic photo albums which include a comprehensive photographic record of the items inspected and irregularities found. 

The amount of time necessary to complete a survey and to prepare the supporting documentation depends on the scope of the survey, the condition of the subject being inspected as well as access to it among, other factors.

Flag Survey


Our experienced and accredited Flag State Inspectors and Statutory Surveyors are ready to perform any kind of inspection or audit prior to or after vessel registration.  



*   Pre-registration inspections

*   Initial, annual and occasional inspections

*   Safety, security and other audits including ISM, ISPS, MLC & QA

*   Incident or casualty investigation on board vessels


We are officially authorised to perform inspections and surveys on behalf of the listed flag state administrations.

Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing


Hatch cover inspectors of the company are equipped with type approved ultrasonic equipment by IACS member societies which enables them to perform  ultrasonic hatch cover tightness tests and to issue corresponding certificates.

Ultrasonic testing is undertaken either due to a cargo loss prevention initiative or as a result of a cargo claim investigation. Leaking hatch covers may adversely affect not only a ship's insurance but also its Classification Society and Flag State Administration status. 

Hull & Fittings Moisture Testing

The company performs non-destructive moisture tests on hulls made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and wood. It also performs moisture tests on fittings, and leak detection in decks and bulkheads.


Testing is performed using electronic moisture meters which are specifically designed for the marine industry and which have proven in scientific comparison studies to be the most powerful equipment on the market. 

Our safe moisture testing methods on Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and wooden hulls can detect excess moisture at an early stage thereby saving boat and yacht owners considerable amount of money by avoiding potential expenses related to hull blistering or decaying. 

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