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Technical Services


Our company has provided an extensive range of afloat, voyage, site and dry docking services since its establishment. For a description of some of the projects completed, please consult the List and References page under the Projects tab.


We can assist with the following technical and project management services:


*   Repair

*   Modification

*   Retrofit

*   Conversion

*   Feasibility study for new building vessel

*   Design for new building vessel of steel or aluminium construction

*   Workshop documentation for new building vessel

*   Classification society documentation for new building vessel

*   Supervision for new building vessel

ship maintenance cyprus
ship engine repair cyprus


Specialised riding squads consisting of highly skilled and experienced Mechanical Engineers are led by our Technical Director and Technical Manager who have 38 years of combined experience in the shipyard business and who has attended 100 ships annually.  


Our riding squads are competent to handle even the most demanding of issues with regards to:


*   Main and auxiliary engines

*   Turbochargers

*   Heat exchangers and coolers

*   Boilers

*   Pumps

*   Air compressors

*   Hydraulic systems

*   Deck machinery

*   Rudder

*   Steel and piping

Riding Squad

Dry Docking


Our technical cooperation with regional shipyards enables us to arrange available slots at highly competitive rates and within a short notice. We have cooperation with over thirty prominent shipyards in the following regions: 


*   Adriatic Sea

*   Aegean Sea

*   Mediterranean Sea

*   Black Sea

*   China Sea

*   Yellow Sea


We can assist owners and managers for any type of project that involves dry docking. The following are some of the dry docking services that we can offer:


*   Preparation of dry docking specification

*   Dry docking supervision

*   Emergency dry dock repair

dry docking cyprus
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