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Yacht surveyors and specialists of the company have performed yacht pre-purchase surveys, yacht valuations, insurance surveys, damage surveys, moisture tests of hull and other services in the most prestigious marinas in Cyprus, Greece and Montenegro.  


The following include some of the bespoke yachting services that we offer:

*   Yacht pre-purchase surveys

*   Yacht valuation and estimation

*   Yacht insurance surveys

*   Yacht loading and unloading surveys

*   Condition surveys

*   Underwater surveys

*   Moisture tests of hull and fittings

*   Water integrity tests of hull

*   Damage surveys

*   Hull and machinery surveys

*   Flag state inspection surveys

*   Yacht insurance

*   Yacht flag state registration

*   Yacht delivery

*   Yacht supply

Yacht Services

Limassol Marina Yachts

Yacht Pre-Purchase Survey

A professional pre-purchase survey is a critical element in the purchasing process of a yacht. Our yacht surveyors uncover any defects or potential problems which may arise, thereby reducing the risks to the buyer of unexpected repairs costs and operational downtime, prior to the completion of the purchase agreement. The information can be used by the buyer in the purchase decision or price negotiation. It should be noted that the buyer may not have any recourse against a seller if defects are discovered after the purchase agreement has been signed.

The scope of the survey can be tailored to the individual requirements of a client. It normally includes a full survey of all accessible areas of a yacht including the inspection of structural elements, machinery installation, emergency systems, specialist equipment, power and water systems, and domestic installations.  

Our survey reports may be used by buyers to fulfil the requirements of yacht insurers for a pre-purchase survey to be performed, to substantiate the general condition and value of a yacht. The survey reports will list our recommendations in three categories as follows:

1. Severe defects which require immediate attention

2. Works to be carried out at a later date including maintenance              tasks available for the end of season (e.g. cosmetic defects)

3. Early indications of potential issues that do not require immediate      attention but that need to be monitored (e.g. osmosis)

Hull & Fittings Moisture Testing

Non-destructive moisture tests are performed by our yacht inspectors on hulls made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and wood. In addition, our inspectors also perform moisture tests on fittings and leak detection in decks and bulkheads. 


Testing is performed with electronic moisture meters which have been designed for the marine industry and which have proven in scientific comparison studies to be the most powerful equipment on the market. 

Our safe testing methods on hulls made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and wood can detect excess moisture at an early stage thereby saving yacht owners considerable amount of money and time from potential problems related to hull blistering or decaying.

Yachting Locations

Our yacht surveyors regularly attend boats and yachts in the Cypriot ports, harbours and marinas in Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Paphos and Latchi out of our Limassol headquarters. 

Yacht inspectors stationed in our Technical Support Office in Montenegro perform country wide services including in Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor, Budva and Bar.

Yacht Supply

A wide range of yachting equipment, accessories and hardware are supplied to motor yachts and sailing yachts in Cyprus by our Yacht Supply division. To ensure yacht owners the availability of yacht supplies, we have created an extensive local network of marine wholesalers thereby guaranteeing continuous stock availability.  Delivery is quick and easy and includes pick-up from our headquarters or dispatch via reliable shippers to ports, marinas and harbours throughout Cyprus.  

Our Yacht Supply division supplies the following categories of yachting products:


*   Safety
*   Navigation
*   Publications
*   Anchoring
*   Docking
*   Deck Hardware
*   Engine Accessories & Equipment
*   Electronics
*   Electrical
*   Plumbing
*   Ventilation

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