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The founder of the company hails from a family of shipowners, seafarers and dock workers with deep roots in the marine industry.


Having started out with a single motor sailer in 1927, the family would go on to own eight vessels and to transport various merchandise between Adriatic Sea ports until the early 1940s.


Younger members of the family continue to sail to this day and have kept alive a tradition that started over 90 years ago. On the other hand, several senior members of the family are involved in the running of the company and bring to it vast practical knowledge gained at sea.


The company also benefits from highly dedicated family members who have spent their entire working careers in shipyards as Shipyard Technical Director and Workshop Manager and who have decided to put their rich experience in use in order to help grow the family business.

Vast Tradition

ilic enterprises adriatic

Delivery of M/S ZORA to the Ilic family in the port of Trieste, Italy as depicted in an early 1920's photo

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